Well, the good thing about Tom Woodruff remodels is that it works for you by having our team do all of the work & you getting to sit back and see the finished product. In the past two years, we have seen a "hole" in our industry. There are many clients out there who love their current home but want to make it more modern, more functional, or even add on. We know how much love is put into your home... we realize that sometimes, a new build just isn't what our clients want.  We continued to have clients call us for help with remodels and their frustration was that they were unable to find reputable contractors to handle their projects. We have decided to eliminate that frustration to the best of our ability by offering our services in the remodel arena.

If you are interested in remodels, please contact us. We would love to assist!

So...How does it work???

First Things First

Reach out to our sales agent, Ashley Cogdell


with details on your remodel needs. We will follow up and schedule a "site visit". At our site visit, we will bring our team of contractors to do a complete walk-through of your project and go over every detail of what you are wanting. After our walk-through, our team will begin working on your remodel quote. We will email a complete menu of pricing broken down so that you can make the best decision for your home, your family & your budget. 

Last but not Least

Once options have been discussed and a "game plan" has been agreed to. Our team will submit the proper paperwork for permits and demo will begin. Our selections team will then set up meetings with our vendors so that you can make any selections that you may need to make. For example: Lighting, tile, granite, etc.


The great thing for you to know is "this "aint" our first rodeo". We have learned what works, and learned what DOES NOT work. We will be with you every step of the way to make this remodel as seamless as possible and turn your home into  exactly what you have dreamed it could be!

take a look 

at what we are working on....