Meet The Team

Brandy Barnett

Lovingly (and annoyingly) referred to as Brandy "The Builder" Barnett by her kid sisters, this girl has no problems when it comes to home building. Brandy is the brains, the heart, and the soul of the operation. Her scatter brain mentality is the outcome of years of multitasking, outrageous amounts of phone calls, and an odd love of numbers. Brandy started her career in 2004 in Houston at DR Horton in the purchasing department where she learned everything she could about the purchasing side of the business. In 2007, after her daughter Breckyn was born, she moved home to West Texas where she began working with Tom Woodruff. If you ask her, this is where she learned everything that really mattered about home building. Tom mentored Brandy for over a decade before passing the business on to her and Nick. Brandy and her husband Kyle have since added their son, Deegan to the family and are raising their children in Midland. When Brandy isn't at the office trying to find her calculator and climbing out of stacks of plans, she is spending time with her family climbing cliffs. Brandy is the 2020 President of The Permian Basin Builders Association, a former President of the Professional Women in Building, Volunteer of the Year in 2018 for the PBBA. We do not know where she finds the time but she always does. 


This guy makes it ALL happen... Nick is in the field, "Boots on the ground" everyday overseeing the construction of our homes, and dodging the many women he is surrounded by when he goes into the office. Nick started as a brick mason when he was 14 years old and has had a hands on education in home building since his start. Always, quiet and reserved, he is the steadying force behind our business that keeps us all on track. His wife of 3 years, Ashley Marroquin is Nick's backbone and has become an asset to our company by assisting us and our clients with financial advice as a loan officer for Benchmark Mortgage. Nick, Ashley and their son, Anthony, have spent their lives in Midland and are committed to seeing our community flourish through multiple organizations including PBBA and PWB. He may be outnumbered and appear a bit shy but this guy is definitely is the leader of our TWSH family!

Ashley Cogdell

Say hello to Ashley Cogdell. Having worked with Tom Woodruff, Brandy Barnett, and Nick Marroquin from 2011-2014, and going back to the "patch" to do oilfield sales, this girl is finally putting her steel toe boots away and coming home. As of 2020 she is back on the team full time. Being the younger sister of Brandy "The Builder" Barnett doesn't slow this girl down... if anything she feels she has more to prove. She has her hands full trying to keep Brandy organized and making sure her "momma", Cindy Fitzgerald gets to the office on time. Under that desk is a pair of black cow skin heels that she was "utterly" disappointed didn't make the photo. Ashley keeps us on our toes, never meets a stranger and insists that we shouldn't do anything if we can't make it fun. She thinks that sales is a brilliant way to make new friends and when you meet her, that is just what you will get.

Cindy Fitzgerald

Meet the "momma".

Cindy Fitzgerald is our office manager, natural mother to Brandy, Ashley & Shelby and adoptive mother to most of the people she meets. She keeps the office in order and does her best to referee her 3 girls, as working with your sisters can get pretty interesting... she is always there to keep us in line and take Nick's side so he isn't outnumbered. 

She may be a few minutes late most days but it takes time to get the perfect outfit, hair and makeup and she is worth the wait. Cindy and her husband Joe have been a part of our West Texas community for decades and have cultivated wonderful relationships. Cindy assists Brandy throughout the entire "selections process" and you couldn't ask for a woman with better taste to assist in the design of your home. On any given day you can find her taking care of payables or visiting with one of the many vendors who stop by the office just to visit with "momma". She says that getting to know the clients and the vendors that make it all happen, is her favorite part.

Feel free to stop by the office to say hello... she will always have some sweet tea to share (it's part of her job requirements). 






For Information, Contact Ashley Cogdell

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